Waterfront Brisbane Sets Recycling Benchmark

25,000 tonnes of construction and demolition (C&D) waste will come out of Eagle Street Pier by completion of demolition. To date Rino has processed 20,000 tonnes of this with a 97+% recycling rate – outperforming its recycling target. The remaining 5,000 tonnes are on track to hit the same recovery rate. All concrete wrapped polystyrene from the demolition has been crushed, washed and converted into road base, aggregates and crusher dust. Over 80% of this material has already gone into major Dexus civil and construction projects across Brisbane, with the balance stockpiled and ready for future application – 3,000 tonnes of which will end up back at the Waterfront Brisbane site. It’s a blueprint for the #circulareconomy and #RINO is paving the way for more sustainable C&D waste management and resource recovery practices in the construction industry.

Based on an independent report, the environmental benefit of 25,000 tonnes of materials is estimated to save 316.2 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and equate to 15,807 trees planted, by;

  • substituting raw to recycled materials – recognising the value of embodied carbon in recycled materials;
  • reducing energy consumption, transport emissions and disposal of waste to Pinkenba vs the nearest available landfill; and
  • reduced road haulage requirements for delivery of product compared against the nearest construction materials quarry.


Additional environmental benefits include conserving natural resources by decreasing demand for virgin materials, protecting local ecosystems, and reduced road congestion resulting in increased road safety. Rino is proud to be working with Dexus, Delta Group and John Holland to set a new industry benchmark in their sustainability objectives on the iconic Waterfront Brisbane project.

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