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Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D)

Waster from infrastructure projects and may contain man-made rubbish such as plastic, paper, timber, metal, brick, concrete and asphalt.


Mixed Solid Waste/Fill Dirty

Mixed fill contains dirt, soil, clay, concrete with any traces of plastic, timber, cloth.

Clean Fill

Clean excavated material includes a mixture of soil, dirt and clay and must not contain any other material including wood, plastics, roots and light rubbish

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Clean Concrete

Clean segregated concrete from building and demolition waste must not contain any other material and is less than 700mm x 700mm in size.

Dirty Concrete

This is segregated concrete with more than 10% fines or dirt from building and demolition waste with no other material such as light rubbish.

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Unsuitable Fill

Contains clean dirt, concrete and brick mixed.


Clean segregated bricks from building and demolition waste must not contain any other material. Larger blocks are charged as oversize.

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Clean Timber

Clean segregated timber includes non-treated timber such as pallet waste and boarding must not contain any light rubbish.

Asphalt Profiling

Ripped up from profiling machine and must not contain any road base.

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Concrete Washout

Contains concrete slurry and liquids from the chutes of concrete mixers in the form of agitators and concrete pumps.

Concrete Oversize

Clean segregated concrete, greater than 700mm x 700mm in size.

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Garden Soil


Certified only - virgin excavated natural material soil. No green waste or roots.

Green Waste (m3)

Full loads of garden and green waste, no stumps.

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Vacuum Waste

Vacuum excavation waste, non destructive digging.