David Young

Meet David Young, Sales Manager at Rino.

Proudly Brisbane born and bred, David Young is a true champion of the industry. He sees the commercial waste recovery and recycling industry as being vital to the future of the planet, and also of smart business. “We’re protecting the environment through innovation. This creates a higher level of sustainability whilst getting us one step closer to a circular economy.”


He cites overcoming business and government reticence to adopt recycled products such as road base, aggregates and soils as a major challenge for 2022, but predicts that the industry will be unrecognizable in 10 years, having professed at such a rapid rate through adopting new ecologies and mindsets.  “In 2022 we’re taking on the big quarries around Brisbane with recycled materials. We are becoming the future.”


David is contactable dyoung@rinorecycling.com.au or 0423 331 734.