Daniel Blaser

Meet Daniel Blaser, General Manager at Rino.

From Collins Class Submarines, General Motors Holden to Austral Bricks and now RINO Recycling,  General Manager Daniel Blaser knows a thing or two about forging new pathways and creating change.


The cutting edge is where Daniel feels most comfortable, and with a double degree in Engineering (Mechanical and Automation), a Masters in Commerce, and a Stanford Executive Program MBA, he’s more than qualified to be there. Which is important because moving the Australian recycling industry to the cutting edge is his goal.


After General Motors, Blaser took a role as a design engineer on the Collins Class Submarine project before moving to Smiths Snackfoods as Engineering Coordinator. His career trajectory continued as Engineering and Projects Manager at CSR PGH Bricks before he was poached to run the Austral Bricks factory. He was promoted to Business Manager of the Tasmanian Austral Bricks business, turned it around and 18 months later was promoted to General Manager of Austral Bricks Queensland. After seven years and successfully driving a complete business transformation, Blaser became General Manager Australia of Austral Masonry.


It was then that Rino Recycling called, and he could not refuse.


“Rino represents the smart business of the future, and when the call came in that the newly acquired and rebranded business required cultural and operational change management, as well as preparation for a multi-million infrastructure investment, it was a perfect storm for me.” 


Read about Daniel’s vision for the future, the challenges faced and why he thinks a mandate is needed.