Rino Recycling is charging ahead to become Queensland’s leading waste recycling and recovery company

At Rino Recycling we RECLAIM construction and demolition waste, REFINE it in our world-first facility, and produce high-quality products to REUSE on infrastructure and construction projects.


Rino is a whole new beast in resource recovery & recycled construction materials.

At Rino Recycling, we are not just a company, we are a catalyst for change in the resource recovery industry. Combining years of experience with cutting-edge technology, we have set out to revolutionise construction and demolition waste handling in Queensland and provide a real solution for sustainable construction practices for future generations.

Unmatched Efficiency

At the heart of Rino’s groundbreaking initiatives stands its exceptional recovery centre – a facility that not only boasts the title of the world’s largest recycling complex under one roof but also marks a global first by integrating processing of both dry and wet construction waste. This integration sets us apart and helps us achieve unprecedented results in waste recovery.

What sets this facility apart is not just its size but its purpose driven design. The fully automated facility can process a staggering 475 tonnes per hour – up to 1.5 million tonnes annually – of concrete, construction and demolition (C&D), excavation, skip bin, dirty fill and vacuum and non-destructive (NDD) waste annually.

Revolutionising Waste Recovery

Rino’s facility sets a new standard for waste recovery, with the capacity to reclaim over 95% of this waste – an unprecedented amount in the recycling industry – to produce high quality construction materials, such as road base, aggregates, soils and sand, providing real alternatives to virgin-quarried products.

These recycled products can then go back into construction projects – significantly changing the way we build for a circular future.
The facility offers the industry a real alternative to landfill and delivers carbon emission reductions of 44,858 tonnes per year – the equivalent of planting 672,885 trees per annum or removing 9,056 cars from the road each year.

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